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We're a family-owned small business based in beautiful San Diego, California. Stacy Atkinson, our Owner & CEO, started Awesome Aloha in 2017 and has sold thousands of these tropical-themed items at events all over Southern California. Mike is her faithful kāne (male) assistant. Read customer reviews.

We started growing plumerias in 1997 in San Diego's east county. We've been members of and volunteers for the Southern California Plumeria Society in San Diego since 2000.


With our involvement, we started experiencing the aloha spirit from new islander friends, plus being blessed to visit the glorious islands of Hawai'i over the years (see our photos). Then we found out that Mike's uncle is part of the influential Bray 'ohana.

Stacy also sews and quilts. In fact, that's what started all this. She purchased some beautiful fabric on Maui, came home, and started making tote bags. She realized her costs were too high to resale, so ​she searched out lower-priced options. That's when she found Nani Island on O'ahu, which owns the rights to all their fabric designs. That keeps prices low, so low that many of our friends tell us to raise prices. But we love getting these high-quality products in more people's hands to bring aloha wherever they go.

Mike loves to talk plumerias and has done just that all over the country to garden clubs, plumeria groups, and conferences, as well as leading to interviews by the Los Angeles Times and a PBS gardening program.

See Stacy & Mike's photos of...

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